Founded in 2004 by writer Brian Phillipson and animator Phil Phillipson, Bliss On Tap Publishing is an independent producer and publisher of original comic books and graphic novels spanning a wide variety of genres and targeted audiences with worldwide distribution in both print and digital mediums. Properties are developed both in-house (e.g., “Future Proof”) and sourced from third-parties (e.g., “I Play The Bad Guy”). Since its inception, Bliss on Tap has established a reputation as a producer and publisher of premium comic book and graphic novel content with taut and engaging narrative structures and the highest quality artwork.

Critically acclaimed titles include: God the Dyslexic Dog, Future Proof, I Play the Bad Guy, Monster Candy, Andie and the Alien and the forthcoming graphic novel Ohgrr Soup.

“[Bliss on Tap] comes with a serious animation pedigree.”

– The Wall Street Journal