Gregg is a film and television writer/producer… And supermodel (sans the supermodel part). An Air Force Brat living overseas in his youth (which he still totally exudes btw), Gregg’s student films reflected his adept instincts for IP — “The Third Encounter” and “Charlie’s Angels in High School” among them. (And let’s not pretend that last one couldn’t totally fly today.) Along with Gregg’s early action (“Epicenter”) and horror projects (“Puppet Master Number Something-Or-Other”), Gregg also indulged in feel-good romps (yes, *romps*) with a sharp edge. And sometimes a softer edge. Gregg’s Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, “A Heavenly Christmas,” premiered to the highest ratings for an original movie in the history of the Hallmark Channel. Formerly weighing in at over 450 pounds (excess weight he lost the old fashioned way — through diet and exercise), Gregg has made multiple appearances on the “Today” show and is the author of the books “Weightless” and “Just Stop Eating So Much.” He is also a featured blogger for Psychology Today and The Huffington Post.


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