Hailing from New York and Connecticut, Bob and Todd met freshman year of high school as two awkward, crackly-voiced pimpled teens. In a strategic move not to get beat up or picked on, they forged a friendship that would span over two decades. Along the way, Bob helped Todd write a short screenplay to submit as an application to film school, they took a few film classes together, and a garage band was even formed. That band would only play one show at a high school graduation party to an audience of three (including Todd’s mom). Sadly the band broke up, but t-shirts and mix-tapes are still for sale.

Todd moved to LA in 2001, and worked in story development at places such as Universal Pictures, Seed Entertainment (Hugh Jackman), and Madhouse Studios. Bob, on the other hand, decided to pursue a career in corporate sales where he made a lot more money than Todd. But something was missing… a creative something. Having moved to Southern California, Bob approached Todd, and with Bob’s relentless persistence, they finally decided to pick up where they left off. The two now work as a writing team with a focus on action-driven material, and represented by management firm, Heroes and Villains Entertainment.