Denise Harkavy - WRITER / DIRECTOR


Denise Harkavy - WRITER / DIRECTOR


Denise was born in Iran to political activist parents who fled to Germany during the Islamic revolution when she was an infant. Raised in a housing project, she developed an interest in storytelling early on as it served as an escape from the bleak reality of immigrant life. After dropping out of pre-med, she moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in UCLA’s TV Writers’ Program, where she placed first in their annual competition and gained representation.

She most recently served as producer on BATWOMAN (CW) and has written on several TV shows, including MANHUNT: DEADLY GAMES (Netflix/Charter), THE BRAVE (NBC), THE EXPANSE (Amazon) and the video game SHADOW OF MORDOR (Warner Bros. Interactive). Denise gravitates towards stories about outsiders who take on the system and, subsequently, find their true purpose in life.

She’s fluent in German, Farsi and English.