Liz has worked as a writer, actor and on film and television sets since 2010. She worked for Melissa McCarthy for three of those years. Her first viral video “Lesbo DiCaprio” was featured in Nylon magazine stating that “Liz should have won the Oscar instead of Leonardo DiCaprio”. (Liz agreed)

Liz has written, developed and is currently pitching two television shows.

Androgyny is a half hour single camera dramatic comedy about sex, drugs, finding love and making rent in Los Angeles but mostly the show is centered around Lee, a lesbian from South Carolina who is bad at all of it.

Clean White Linens is an American black comedy-crime drama series based on the 1991 documentary Fighting in Southwest Louisiana.

Liz is also writing a feature film: The Ball is a mockumentary film based in North Carolina about a debutante ball that was set on fire.