Nic Cohen’s first produced work was a ballet recital based on her short story.  She was six. Thus infected by a love of writing, Nic harbored that dirty little secret dream until she turned forty and realized “one day” was now.

Nic has had a varied career that includes work as a conservation advocate on Capitol Hill, editor of a trade magazine, paralegal at a Big Law firm, and teacher of both ballroom dance to neuroscientists and ballet to toddlers.  She’s fairly certain she’s the only professional salsa dancer who also travelled to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, twice, to represent detainees in pro-bono human rights cases, although she cannot be sure.

After moving from Texas to Washington, DC, and marrying a Yankee as her parents predicted, Nic stayed home to raise their three kids.  The universe gave her a sign when Meryl Streep announced a screenplay contest for women over forty a few months after her birthday. Nic wrote her first screenplay at night while her three young kids slept and completed it in five weeks.  Artemis 1 was named a Semifinalist at Austin Film Festival in 2018 and the runner-up in Screencraft’s Sci-Fi Feature contest in 2018.  The story of the first human mission to Mars being helmed by an all-women and robotic crew “held the judges’ attention with strong, interesting characters,” according to Screencraft.

In addition to screenplays, Nic also writes romance short stories and novels.  Her World War II historical romance short story “Be Yours to Hold” is currently a Semifinalist in Screencraft’s 2018 Cinematic Short Story contest.  The World War II romance between a Rosie-the-riveter and a wounded Marine Vet features a scene on a train that one reviewer called “an effective mix of attention to duty and steamy romance (easily the best I have ever read, from thousands of scripts).”  Another of her original works in progress, the western noir crime romance Steer from the Passenger Side, was recently recommended on the “Smart Bitches, Trashy Books” website.

Nic is full of ideas and enjoys exploring a wide range of themes and genres and featuring complex and full-realized women characters.  Find her ramblings on Twitter at @NHcohenwrites.