Will Penick & Chris Sey

Will Penick & Chris Sey


Will Penick graduated with a BFA from Carnegie Mellon Acting school then moved to New York where he worked as a professional actor for six years. After one winter too many and wanting to give himself a bad back and spare-tire, Will began to write. He decided to move to Los Angeles and started working with his old friend but now second wife, Chris Sey, and together they have sold and developed projects for both film and television. Their first spec script, “Drury Lane,” was bought by MGM for the re-tooling of the comedy horror film, “Motel Hell.” Other film credits and developments include: “Wireless,” with Intrepid Pictures and Rogue Entertainment, “Secrets in the Walls” and “Line of Sight,” for the Lifetime Television Network, “It’s Christmas, Carol!” for the Hallmark Channel. In 2012, they sold the pitch, “Legal Code” to Liftetime with ABC Studios producing. Their spec, “Hellfest,” recently sold to CBS Films with Neil Marshall (The Descent) attached to direct.


Chris graduated a long time ago from Stanford University with a B.A. in Art History for some unknown reason. After writing half-a-dozen cruddy screenplays, he partnered with a friend of a friend of a friend, Will Penick. For the past seven years, Chris and Will have been writing together with the hopes of one day getting along. Their first joint effort, Drury Lane, was a comedy-horror movie purchased by MGM. Since then they’ve with Intrepid Pictures, Rogue, Valhalla Entertainment, and other production entities. Their spec, Hellfest, recently sold to CBS Films with horror-master Neil Marshall (The Descent) attached to direct.

Chris and Will have had two made-for-TV movies produced: Secrets in the Walls, for LMN, and It’s Christmas, Carol! for the Hallmark Channel. In 2012, they sold a pitch called Legal Code to Liftetime with ABC Studios producing and Robbie Duncan McNeil (EP Chuck) attached to Direct. They are currently repped by RBK.

Chris moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 2012 with his incredible wife and three young boys and will never move again. In fact he feels so at home in L.A., he’s convinced he was actually born here, abducted as a baby and then transported to Philadelphia where he spent his youth being raised by misanthropes.